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Who’s Blogging?

Ron Repking

Ron Repking, CEO, Co-Founder

Ron’s passion for technology and consumer electronics products makes him an ideal person to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Capable Networks. Ron oversees the daily operations of the company and in his spare time gets to tinker with lots of cool gadgets. He even finds time to actively participate in several online communities after he gets done playing around with his three children.

Steven Jones

Steven Jones, VP of Business & Product Development, Co-Founder

Steven is not only in charge of business and product development for Capable Networks, but is an incurable early gadget adopter. Steven has over 15 years of hands-on consumer electronic and online community experience and has had more than his share of thrills and disappointments with his gadgets. He continues to collect and integrate these devices into his life and has even begun building a museum to preserve the memories, both fond and averse.

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